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Play? Play! Socks (PDF Knitting Pattern)

Play? Play! Socks (PDF Knitting Pattern)

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Play? Play!

Lilith loves one thing above all else in this world, play time. Especially play time with either Paul or myself and neither of the other cats. Pretty much any time a person stands up or moves Lilith is running into one of a number of locations with a tiny croaky squeak of a meow, tail wriggling all swish swish swish asking for playtime. Should you fail to stop and play (usually because you were on your way to the loo) you best be ready to be ‘yelled’ at (her voice is seriously tiny, her yelling makes you giggle at its ridiculousness) with a little demand for attention. 
There are many games, but don’t even try to guess at the rules because she’ll just change them as soon as it feels like you’re cottoning on.
The Play? Play! Socks are inspired by her insatiable need for play. From their cute little roll top cuff all the way down their fun striped foot which carries on all the way through to the toes for a little extra ‘play’.

These socks are knit cuff down with fun little details like the rolled cuff and stripes that go all the way through the toes. Available in 4 sizes.

This pattern is also available in our Lilith’s Feast collection of 3 sock patterns, each inspired by our Lilac Burmese cat, Lilith (who loves to eat socks). 

Yarn: 280m of 4ply/fingering weight yarn.
Needles: 2.25mmmm circular with a very long cable for magic loop (or preferred needles for sock knitting)
Other: Stitch marker, needle for weaving in ends.

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