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Harnie Hoolie’s Designs

Mokey's Dilemma (PDF Knitting Pattern)

Mokey's Dilemma (PDF Knitting Pattern)

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Mokey's Dilemma

You’ve met Olaf (our male Burmese kitty) through Olaf’s Folly, but he has a sister (from the same litter) named Mokey.
Mokey is 100% the boss and the only thing she loves more than beating her big brother up is sleeping on my lap while I knit.
She’s actually a very good girl when it comes to the knitting, but every so often she suffers a wee dilemma where that piece of yarn flicking back and forth is just so tempting! If she plays with it, she gets in trouble, but if she doesn’t play with it, well, is she even a cat anymore? I named this design after her because the ribbon lace border reminds me of a piece of rick rack, ribbon or yarn being wriggled across the ground, just tempting the weak kitten in our lives to chase and play with it (and then berating them for playing with ‘the good yarn’ later 😊). 

Yarn: 400-800m 4ply/fingering weight yarn (400m per 100g). The pictured example used 2 skeins (800m total) of the Harnie Hoolie’s Designs ‘Alsilca 4ply/Fingering’ in the colourway ‘Grasshopper’.
Needles: 3.75mm circular needles.
Other: Stitch markers, yarn needle, pins (for blocking). 

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