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'Silky McSilkface’ 100% Grade A Mulberry Silk
100g skeins, 400m/438yds

Introducing Silky McSilkface, the epitome of luxury yarn, hand dyed in the heart of New Zealand. Made from 100% grade A mulberry silk, this exquisite yarn promises an unrivalled experience of softness, elegance, and versatility.

Silky McSilkface yarn is delicately hand-dyed in a captivating array of colours, inspired by the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. From vibrant coastal blues to earthy bush greens and majestic mountain purples, each shade reflects the beauty of this unique land.

In a 4-ply weight (single construction), Silky McSilkface offers a generous 400 meters per 100 grams, providing ample yardage for your knitting, weaving, and crochet projects. Immerse yourself in the process as this sumptuous yarn glides effortlessly through your fingers, bringing your vision to life stitch by stitch.

The exceptional drape and exquisite softness of Silky McSilkface make it perfect for creating luxurious shawls, cowls, and scarves. Wrap yourself in its gentle embrace, feeling the silk's delicate touch against your skin, and indulge in the pure pleasure of wearing a truly special accessory.

But don't let its elegance fool you—Silky McSilkface is also ideal for warm-weather knits. Craft lightweight tank tops and teeshirts that exude sophistication and breathability, keeping you cool and stylish even in the hottest climates.

This grade A mulberry silk yarn brings a touch of opulence to every stitch. Its natural sheen and delightful texture create a stunning fabric that drapes beautifully, enhancing the flow and movement of your garments.

Whether you're a seasoned fibre artist or a passionate beginner, Silky McSilkface invites you to explore the possibilities of luxurious knitting, weaving, and crochet. Elevate your projects to new heights of elegance and enjoy the indulgence of creating with this extraordinary yarn.

Experience the beauty, softness, and versatility of Silky McSilkface—the ultimate choice for those seeking a touch of luxury in their fibre creations. Let the magic of silk envelop your senses and inspire you to create something truly exceptional.

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