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'Simere' 50/50 Silk/Cashmere
100g skeins, 400m/437yrds

Experience the epitome of luxury with Simere, an ultra-luxurious yarn crafted for those who seek the finest in fibre artistry. This opulent blend is meticulously crafted from 50% cashmere and 50% grade A mulberry silk, resulting in a yarn that exudes elegance, softness, and unparalleled sophistication.

Simere yarn is expertly hand-dyed in the scenic landscapes of New Zealand, reflecting the beauty and inspiration found in this captivating country.

In a 4-ply construction, Simere boasts an impressive 400 meters per 100 grams, providing ample meterage to embark on your most ambitious projects. Feel the sumptuousness of the cashmere and the lustrous sheen of the mulberry silk as you create exquisite pieces that will be treasured for years to come.

With exceptional drape and unmatched softness, Simere lends itself perfectly to luxurious shawls, cowls, and scarves. Wrap yourself in the gentle embrace of this yarn, indulging in its cozy warmth and the delicate touch against your skin.

But the versatility of Simere extends beyond cold-weather accessories. This yarn is also ideal for trans-seasonal knits such as tank tops, teeshirts, and lightweight cardigans and sweaters. Its breathable nature and lightweight feel make it a perfect choice for adding a touch of luxury to your everyday wardrobe.

Curated by the talented Julie Monk, the color palette of Simere is thoughtfully selected to inspire and captivate.

Indulge in the artistry of Simere and immerse yourself in a world of sophistication and refinement and while you’re there, why not take it a kit and receive a printed copy of Julie’s Olivers Hugs cowl pattern together with coordinating beads.


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