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Bloodlines (PDF Knitting Pattern)

Bloodlines (PDF Knitting Pattern)

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Bloodlines started life as a project of love.

My brother contacted me one morning to let me know he was getting married and would I come witness his nuptials (as if I wouldn’t!). I knew right then that I wanted to knit something special for his new bride, but not just for her specifically, something that could be passed down and cherished, something to help symbolize the joining of not two, but 7 people (they’re raising 5 children together).

Their blended family is a little more unique than some and boy oh boy is it special. To help represent this, there are 5 diamonds at each end of the shawl, one for each of the 5 children they share, with a pillar of diamonds up each side, each column representing my brother and his wife, holding it all together.
The middle is a series of smaller diamonds and smooth paths representing the day to day joys and challenges of life all held together by the Bloodlines that bind them.

This pattern is both fully written and charted.

Yarn: 800m of 2ply/lace weight yarn.
Beads: Beads are optional (But I highly recommend them!), it uses approx. 420, I recommend size 6 seed beads.
Needles: 4mm circular or straight needles.
Other: Stitch markers, 0.75mm crochet hook for adding beads, yarn needle, pins (for blocking).

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