Collection: Beads

Beads! Size 6 Japanese glass seed beads, the perfect blingy addition to your knitting.

Size 6 beads are suitable for both lace/2ply and fingering/4ply yarns. We recommend using a 0.75mm crochet hook for adding these beads to your knitting.

Silver lined beads have a silver toned metal lining inside the bread that gives them a more prominent sparkle. These beads are good for when you want a richer colour and more 'pop'.

Rainbow beads have a rainbow coating on them that adds additional colour, it's a subtle and very pretty effect. Something like the Rainbow Clear beads are good for when you want a very subtle effect, because they're clear you can see the colour of your yarn through them which makes them take on some of that colour while the rainbow effect adds hints of other complimentary colours. 

Clear or transparent beads with neither a silver lining or rainbow effect are lovely for when you want to add colour and a subtle sparkle without being overly blingy.